FEARTICKET is with you to fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Comply with Govt. guidelines to setup an event.

Before the corona pandemic, it was not that tough to open haunted houses for any Halloween season. Fortunately, After the initial shutdown, there are several states and government bodies now allow to open non-essential services like haunted houses, Escape Rooms, Zoo, Amusement parks, etc. Every local authority may have defined the different rules & regulations to operate these non-essential services.

We know, there are several questions in your mind for opening haunted houses for this Halloween season. We have to make sure to follow the CDC guidelines to make it even safer.

Social Distance
Here are the answers that help you to clear your doubts and make your task very easy for this Halloween season.

Manage the crowd

Manage the crowd is the most challenging in this situation, while people rush to the Box-Office to purchase tickets or entry gate for the scan to get access. It is hard to manage the people in that situation. To handle this kind of situation, FEARTICKET suggests the option of a timeslot schedule.

Social Distance
TimeSlots Schedule

How can we do this? Divide & Manage.

Divide your schedule in days and divide your day in timeslots.

Sell ticket to a certain amount of people per timeslot. i.e. 07:00 PM to 7:30 PM - 100 tickets and so on...

This is how you need to manage certain number of people for half an hour timeslot.

Contact us For more ideas for schedule management.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is the key to fight against the Coronavirus until we get the vaccine. At least 2 meters of distance is advisable to minimize the risk of infection. To manage the social distancing, Create your schedule in such a way, so you only need to manage a certain group of people.

Virtual Queue

FEARTICKET offers you to send the notification email/SMS before the scheduled timeslots. You can ask people to wait in the parking area or in a car to maintain social distance. Guest will get the notification SMS/Email (X - Min.) before their purchased timeslot to process for the ticket scan and entry.

Social Distance
Social Distance
Contactless scanning

Contactless ticket scanning is also important, FEARTICKET offers Contactless scanning. Once the order placed, the Buyer will receive email and SMS. There will be a URL, which contains a ticket link. Guests need to click on SMS links and open tickets on their cellphone. FEARTICKET organizer app will scan and validate the ticket form the cellphone. On Box-Office Sell, instead of receiving cash, try to collect the amount through tap and go swiper devices.

Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness

Personal Hygiene is another key point to beat the Coronavirus. Wash your hand after coughing or sneezing, avoid touching nose, eyes, and mouth. Sanitize hand frequently. Cleanliness plays a major role. It is always advisable to clean your property, props, tabletop, etc.

Social Distance
General Practices
  • Build a sanitization tunnel and the guest has to pass through that tunnel only.
  • Do not allow guests without a mask.
  • You can set a hand sanitization facility in the property.
  • Screening of employees and guests.
  • Place barricades as per the guidelines provided by local authorities for social distancing.
  • Ask guests to avoid touching objects.