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Brand New FEATURES for Halloween-2020

Virtual Queue

Notify the visitor to access haunted houses at your ease to maintain the social distancing. Send SMS/email as per the ticket schedule to avoid the peopele gathering at the haunted house entry door.

Dynamic Pricing

You can set different pricing for each timeslot. Also you can set separate quantity for timeslot in same schedule.

Shared Pooling

Share the quantity among two or more tickets. i.e. control the sales of Ticket-A and Ticket-B in a combined quantity.

Advance Schedule Management

We have completely overhauled date/time schedule. You have greater flexibility to schedule your event the way you want.

Groupon Code Import

FEARTICKE now allows you to upload thousands of Groupon-Codes with ease.

Android Box-office

FEARTICKET has expanded the Box-Office solution to Android Platform.

Crowd Management

The COVID-19 pandemic situation, FEARTICKET allows you to setup your event in such a way, you can manage the social distance. Manage the crowd. Contactless Ticket scan etc.

Combo Tickets

Create a combination of multiple tickets at single special price is the great way to promote online ticketing even for multiple attractions at a same time where buyer can add more tickets with a special combo offer.


Most Unique Feature that offer extra to buyer like Speed Pass, Fast Pass, VIP Pass or Merchandise your product etc. Create Add-on to sell it with main ticket allows you to target specific promotion the best you need.

Coupon Code

Coupon to promote your event ticketing using custom coupon code, create an offer the way you best require by an amount or by percentage value, per ticket, multiple tickets, order level, Custom Offer Schedule etc.

Multiple Locations

Managing an attraction with multiple locations at an organizer level Create multiple venues effortlessly, it is easy and simple to manage multiple venues.

Instant Payment

Receive your ticketing payment instantly into your merchant account as ticket sale goes on to better control your revenue. No wait.

Multiple Schedule

Manage a single day to recurring multiple days schedule or Time-slots duration on multiple calendar dates

Mobile Check-in

Scan tickets using iPhone or Android Phone to check-in attendee on event day. Manage multiple entry check-in points using multiple smartphone.


Sell tickets at physical locations face to face using iOS/Android Box-Office App and sell tickets with cash, card, check payment type on event day. Check-in attendees as required.

Upgrade Orders

"Upgrade Order" allows ticket buyer to upgrade existing order to add more Tickets or Add-ons while paying additional payment with extra added items.

Real Time MIS Reports

View all Reports in a real-time like Ticket Sales, Order, Attendee, Check-in, Coupon Code Report, Gross Revenue, Revenue Comparison. Use multiple filter options to view specific info the way you want to view.

Reschedule or Cancellation

Manage rescheduling to allow ticket buyers to schedule their visit from future dates to update tickets or cancellation while notifying all tickets buyers using this unique with auto notification emails.

Buy Tickets Widget

Use "Buy Ticket" widget. Just copy ready code to place on any interface to embed your ticket selling page URL on your website or app. Visitor just click on to buy tickets from your own website.