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Yes! Merchant account is required to receive ticket payment directly into your account ticketing. System currently supports CardConnect, Authorize.net & PayPal Payment Gateways

You can set an option to pass the Ticketing Fee onto Buyer, So your ticketing is 100% FREE as a buyer will pay the Fee.

We get paid only if you get paid. So any free tickets don't incur any ticketing fee.

Setting up an account is easy & quick. Just follow the below steps:

  • Create your free account just with your name and email ID.
  • Create your free account just with your name and email ID.
  • Enter your organization, events, and tickets information.
  • Customize designs for events and tickets.
  • Integrate your merchant account to start receiving payment directly.
  • Setup ticketing fee payment method from account & billing
  • Contact us on support@santaticket.com or Call us on +1 201.299.4757 with your ticketing requirements.

In addition to Online Sales, Sell Tickets at Box-Office using Cash/Checks transaction by selecting respective payment options like "Cash/Check".

Use  "SANTATICKET Organizer App" on iPhone or Android phone for checks in and ticket scanning. Download iOS apps from the Apple store for iPhone and Android App from Google play store to start Scanning.

Yes! the Ticketing fee on SANTATICKET is the lowest ever!! just 50 Cents per ticket sold. This helps to save more than 70% in comparison to any other haunted ticketing platforms SANTATICKET is the haunted industry's breakthrough platform that only aims to offer the best service with the lowest ticketing fee.

Processing charges depend on your payment gateway's processing charge structure. Usually, the standard fee per transaction is 2.7% + 30 Cents or can be lesser as well.

No, there is no other fee for ticketing. No contract fee, No account setup and No maintenance fee.

There are two types of fees that apply to online ticketing
1. Ticketing Fees - Fee for using the ticketing platform (SANTATICKET fee is just 50 cents per online ticket sold, no other fees)
2. Card Payment Processing Fees - Fee Charged by the payment Gateway provider (Usually fee per transaction is 2.9% of total amount + 30 cents. Some providers may charge lesser).

While e-tickets are becoming increasingly popular and save costs and have zero carbon footprint, Ticket printing is a very important feature that FEARTICKET support. All you need is the printer to "Print" as many times as you like. Since we mail the ticket copies as PDF, attendees can choose to get printouts or e-tickets that can be readily scanned by our scanning app.

Refunds and chargebacks are the terms of service with your payment gateway and merchant account. Please check back with your payment gateway provider.

SANTATICKET is PCI DSS compliant, and all transactions are processed with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.